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Ever since childhood I’ve been obsessed with psychology and human behavior. My motives back then were to cultivate a sense of belonging, strengthen my identity and improve my self-worth. Now that I’ve achieved my goals (albeit progress is ongoing), I thought perhaps my experience can be used as a resource for other people looking to achieve similar goals.

I grew up in culturally diverse Silicon Valley, eventually making my way up to San Francisco for a few years while earning my B.A. in Environmental Studies. Post college I spent most of my time working for non-profits and trying to figure myself out. After taking some time off I decided my time would be best spent on my passions: creativity and psychology.

I am currently enrolled at Palo Alto University as a graduate student studying professional clinical counseling. I am a KonMari Consultant Trainee and live on the Big Island of Hawaii with my husband Joe and my dog Pickles. I enjoy reading pop-psychology (aka self-help) and fantasy books. I also pursue creative endeavors such as painting, jewelry making, writing music, cooking and fashion.